Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Food for the Spiders - Blogging for the Search Engines Part I

Blogging for hunt engine acknowledgment can convey traffic to your blog pages and chief web site. You are actually optimizing your blog so that hunt engines can rank it in the higher echelon. Blogs are usually ranked by hunt engines favorably. There's no concrete survey yet on this but there are many person factors that lend to a higher page rank of blogs. These factors are all criterion web publication undertakings which have got been practiced by many webmasters and bloggers.

You can utilize your blog to complement your concern web site. Updating and making alterations to a web land site is a boring process. It affects cognition in web scheduling and designing which is a very hard and clip consuming process.

You will then have got to manually upload your data files to a waiter or usage data file transportation communications protocol programmes to make it. This also necessitates tons of time. And you make these dorsum breakage undertakings just to upload a few articles, a news announcement, or alterations in some of your products.

That is why a web land site stays unchanged for hebdomads or even months. And that is not good for your hunt engine ranking. It's also not advantageous if you desire a changeless flowing of monolithic traffic to your site.

Blogging can work out this dilemma. You can turn to the demand to update your land site and supply fresh, up to day of the month table of contents frequently. The tools provided by blog hosts are very easy to use. Updating and uploading table of contents of your blog is as easy as sending an electronic mail to a friend.

And this dynamical content direction delivered and updated almost day-to-day is favored well by hunt engines. These hunt companies, especially Yokel and MSN, based their commanding on the public utility of page content and the ability to present updated information regularly.

Page acknowledgment by these hunt engines depend largely on content and its generation. So you can utilize frequent blogging activities to derive acknowledgment from these two hunt engines.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Negative Thinking - Beware The Results Can Be Powerful

Before the film "The Secret" a long line of authors and minds have got promoted the self-help powerfulnesses of positive idea as long dorsum as adult male pondered his ain existence.

Reams of research have shown positive thought to be good for your health. A positive mental attitude and optimistic thought are healthy. The powerfulness of positive thought is shows that those who stay positive are healthier, unrecorded longer, and study greater satisfaction with life than those who might be labeled pessimistic.

But, what about negative thinking?

Here's a narrative about how negative thought can impact your health. (I'll have got to paraphrasis it; I heard it off a seminar by British Shilling Procter.)

One nighttime a nighttime ticker adult male was patrolling a railroad pace to check up on that no 1 was breaking into the containers and stealing the table of contents of them.

He came across a container that had its door open. He walked over cautiously to see what was going on and could happen no mark of life around so he took a speedy expression inside.

The container was empty, but as he walked in the door of the container closed behind him and he establish himself locked in. he pushed on the door for a piece to see if it would open up but it was completely stuck. He then started to cry for aid but there was no answer.

As he resigned himself to being looked in the container he started to look around and noticed that the container he was in wasn't a normal but that he was locked in 1 a refrigerated one.

After a piece he noticed that he was getting colder and colder. Because he didn't believe he was going to acquire aid any clip soon he decided to compose on the wall of the container to state of his experience.

He wrote that he was getting colder and colder and starting to lose feeling in his body.

After a couple of hours it got harder for him to compose but his last remarks he wrote that he was going to decease soon because it was so cold.

The container was opened later that morning time by some work work force who establish the nighttime ticker adult male dead organic structure in the corner.

If I finished this article you would state it was a tragical accident and it would be, but the tragical portion is that the container the nighttime ticker adult male locked himself in was having care done it that day. The portion that was broken on the container was the infrigidation mechanism.

The temperature inside the container that nighttime was no different to the temperature outside.

So what caused the adult male to die? Was it his thinking? Had the negative ideas he was having about his state of affairs caused him to give up his volition to live?

You may have got your theories, but I believe you tin see that not substance the state of affairs you happen yourself your ideas either positive or negative can affect how you cover with your jobs whether existent or imaginary.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Article Writing - 3 Ways to Make Writing an Article Easy and Fun

Article authorship just like any word form of authorship (web logging, news authorship and others) implies so much from the author - effort, knowledge, skills, time, and dedication. However, even when this activity is requiring too much from it makes not necessarily intend that it have to be deadening and complicated. On the contrary, you can do article authorship easy and less onerous for you. Best of all, it can be made a batch more merriment and exciting. Below are some of the simple ways to do your article authorship activity a worthwhile and merriment activity:

a. In order to avoid the feeling being over burdened by article writing, do certain that you believe ahead of clip the sorts of subjects that you desire to write. When the clip come ups that you already necessitate to write, what you basically have got to make is take the 1 which best looks desirable and merriment for you. Brand certain that you also do a class of all the subjects that you desire to compose based on the priority.

b. You can seek out for some electronic aid to assist you weed out possible flaws and mistakes that you may have got on your article. You make not necessitate to over load yourself with checking and proofreading every inside information of your material. The spelling and grammar draughts that we have got on the nett brands it a batch easier for you to compose article table of contents that are error-free. Although, using manual checking is still best advised, seeking aid from these tools do it a small less onerous for you.

c. Make certain that anterior to authorship any article material, you already have got a proposed and targeted client. This do it easier for you as a author to take and compose what is interesting for these types of people.


Monday, October 22, 2007

What Exactly Is Human Intelligence? Can We Inherit Or Change It?

For many old age intelligence quotient or Intelligence Quotient, was considered by many to be the best measurement of human intelligence. But in the last few decennaries many factors like self-discipline, memory, doggedness and appropriate emotional behaviour have got been recognized as of import or more than of import than IQ. Some of these endowments are familial but we have got establish that they can also be learnt and assimilated into our lives by mimicking function theoretical accounts with such as talents, or learning particular techniques.

Humans are at the vertex of the animate being land for one reason, human intelligence is the peak accomplishment of evolution. Hundreds of species have got died out over uncounted one thousands of old age so that the most intelligent and adaptable coinage can walk and predominate the planet, that is, us.

The human encephalon is indeed very unique. For all the billions of dollars spent on computing machine hardware and software, we have got made machines that are able to do billions of mathematical computations in seconds. But we have got yet to make a machine that is able to express joy at the punchline of a good joke.

To name person adroit is to agreement him or her 1 of the peak word forms of compliments. Any parent would radio beam with pridefulness if a alien would also name his or her children clever. But intelligence is in no manner predestined, that is, there is no warrant that the children of adroit parents will turn out to be adroit as well. Genetic men of science presume that the ratio of unchangeable familial stuff to controllable environmental factors is about 30 to 70 percent. However, any statements on the old argument of nature versus foster expressions like a waste material clip - a small like whether the dirt or the clime is responsible for a bumper harvest.

Many factors aid form the head of an individual and his or her intelligence. However, men of science hold that having a strong dependable memory is one of the requirements for human intelligence. Imagine person who have a memory that is only reliable for a day. As soon as that individual travels to kip and awakes the adjacent day, he or she have to begin all over again, learning new things. However, most people have got memories that are decennaries old, going back to the years when that individual was a mere toddler.

With the flowing of information that is going around these days, having a strong dependable memory is crucial. In fact the unequivocal rule that governs the measure of information today is Moore's law which says the information duplicates on itself every 18 months. With such as a dramatic flowing of information, it is no wonderment that many people seek ways to better their memory and learning speed, to get by with information change.

The human head is absolutely capable in managing today's information flowing with the right system of storing information into your memory. Such particular techniques together with adequate sleep, mental and physical exercising and a healthy diet rich in fruits and veggies travel a long manner to helping you remain mentally sharp. And remember, managing the precedence or importance of information is one manner to assist maintain you sane in a human race where it is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer weight of information.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Listen To Doctor Who Programs In WMA/MP3 Format

Anyone that is familiar with BBC programmes aired frequently by local Populace Broadcast Media Service stations will cognize that Doctor Who is one of the strangest and most interesting programmes produced by that network. It was originally created in the early 1960s as a children's show, one of their first raids into scientific discipline fiction for children.

It quickly became more than than popular and more unusual, and have had episodes in nearly every genre possible except maybe for musical comedy. People that begin observation Doctor Who episodes frequently start to listing it as one of their favourite telecasting series. Episodes of this show are available in audio book word form in MP3 format. Doctor Who is on the radio, and also in a series of full-length novels. Fans of the telecasting show can do their thrust to work much quirkier by hearing to audio book episodes of the show.

One of many enjoyments of the Doctor Who series is the beginning of the name Doctor Who. The statute title of the narrative was intended to bring forth some enigma around the chief character, and he was intended to be left unnamed. The chief fictional character presents himself in every single narrative by the phrase "The Doctor", and this is the name that many other fictional characters in the audio book narrative usage for him.

He also have a few aliases in respective episodes, but the name Doctor Who was only used in one episode, and was actually an mistake by the authors of the program. Some mentions into his past on other planets have got such as absorbing name calling as "Theta Sigma" that remind the audio book hearer of other scientific discipline fiction shows of the 1960s and 1970s. One favourite gag is the not unexpected word play: "Sir the Doctor is here to see you." "Doctor? Doctor Who?" The series acquires a great trade of milage out of his name, or rather, deficiency of a name.

In brief, the physician is a clip Godhead of the planet Gallifrey, and can go through clip and space to detect other societies. These clip Godheads generally just detect rather than intervene, unless when absolutely necessary.

This simple summary of the history of Doctor Who makes not bespeak the ingeniousness and unusual heads of the authors of the series. One illustration of the creativeness of the authors is from a state of affairs that arose on the telecasting show a few old age after it started.

The chief fictional character decided to go forth the program, and so the authors needed a secret plan line to explicate the substitution of the aged histrion by a significantly little one. The authors created a new ability for the alien, the ability to renew and have got a organic structure renewal. It is this type of ingeniousness of the Doctor Who authors that is establish in nearly every episode of the series.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Often we believe of felicity as coming from falling in love with a fantastic person, having a successful career, or being able to dwell a epicurean life. We think, "I will be happy once I lose weight," or acquire your ain house, or acquire a new job, or once you have got more than time, or are rich, or are no longer single. But our achievements and the fortune of our lives make not happen our felicity nearly as much as our ability to appreciate the mundane minutes we have.

Try this exercising to find some of the ordinary minutes of your life that you enjoy. Think of 10 small activities or things that do you experience happy. As an example:

1. A good cup of java and the minute to bask it.

2. Working out every twenty-four hours and liking how you look and feel.

3. Liking work and the sense of intent it gives.

4. Helping others to experience good.

5. Growing things or being around flowers and plants.

6. Knitting or some other hobby.

7. Cooking or baking hot something really exceptional.

8. Making a portion of your place or pace expression attractive.

9. Feeling stopping point to your friends.

10. Time to read or ticker a good telecasting programme at the end of the day.

For you, your minutes might include your pets, or music, or taking your favourite walk, or watching a film with friends each week, but expression for the sorts of things that are not so hard or complicated to convey into your life more often.

If you have got trouble thought of these things right now, then believe for a minute about some of your favourite things. Bash you like sports? Collecting? Think of some of the things you used to make more than often. Bringing your favourite things into your life each twenty-four hours and appreciating the minutes will assist you happen happiness.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Blog Income - 4 Simple Methods To Make Money From Your Blog

In Internet Marketing, blogging is another manner to do money online. There are many bloggers who do a comfy life from blogging. Many of them only pass a few hours a twenty-four hours workings on this model, and easily gain 3-4 figs a month. If you were to analyze their methods and set them into practise, you will detect that making money from blogging is really very simple and straightforward.

There are many ways you can do money from a blog. Many of them make not necessitate any working capital spending from yourself, and they offer a powerful passive voice income source. What is even more than attractive is that you can have got multiple income beginnings built into your blog. All you necessitate to do is to make traffic and readership, and a little transition charge per unit will construct that income.

So how can you make money from your blog?

1. Affiliate programs

One common manner is to reexamine and advance affiliate programs. Many blogs do the error of just advertisement the programs. To increase conversion, you should reexamine these programmes to make trust and credibility. Research have shown that word-of-mouth selling converts better than direct advertising. Visitors desire societal cogent evidence that person have used the programme and benefited before they would buy

2. Sell advertisement space

Your blog is your piece of practical estate. There is a batch of space available on which you can sell ads such as as streamers and textual matter links, to merchants, affiliates or bloggers who wish to advance their products. As your blog goes increasingly popular, your blog advertisement space will also increase in value.

3. Using contextual advertisement networks

If you have got not heard of Adsense, you are missing out on a potentially profitable blog income source. Many bloggers do a life on Adsense alone. While I would not urge that you depend totally on one beginning of income, contextual advertisement webs such as as Adsense and Kontera can lend greatly to your online money devising efforts. These webs would supply relevant advertisements on your blog, and you will gain money when people chink on those ads.

4. Paid reviews

Another manner for merchandisers or land sites to advance their concern is through reviews. You can compose reappraisals for them, station them on your blog, and acquire paid for doing so. There are already many such as as paid reappraisal webs such as ReviewMe.com and PayPerPost.com, although qualifying for them would necessitate that you have got spent some clip blogging. This is to guarantee that you can consistently supply value to their advertizers and be in it for the long haul. If you are serious about making money blogging, this should not be an issue.

These are just 4 of the most common methods to gain a blog income. If you only pass a few hours a twenty-four hours edifice your blog with these methods, it will not be long before you fall in the ranks of bloggers who gain a life blogging.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Money Does Not Buy You Happiness, Or Does It?

The argument on whether money can or cannot bargain felicity will not be won by either side. Why? Well, there is simply not a right or incorrect reply to this question. It all depends on our mentality and our perceptual experience of happiness. You may have got no wishing to get great wealth. In fact, maybe you just desire to dwell a comfy life where you have got everything you necessitate and don't necessitate to worry about money all the time? There is nil incorrect with lone wanting to dwell comfortably.

Ever heard the narrative of the Mexican fisherman? It is one of my favorites! I have got no thought where it arises from but it have a valuable lesson for all of us.

The narrative travels that an American investing banker, on vacation in Mexico, was standing at a wharf in a little coastal village. A bantam boat with lone 1 fisherman docked at the pier. Inside his boat were respective big tuna. The American congratulated the Mexican on his catch and complimented him on the quality of the tuna. "How long did it take you to catch them?" he asked.

The fisherman replied "Not very long".

This made the American funny and he wanted to cognize why the fisherman didn't pass more than than clip catching more fish. The fisherman simply replied that he had caught enough fish for the twenty-four hours to back up his family.

The American became even more than funny at this answer and asked "What make you make every day?"

The fisherman said, "I like sleeping late, fishing a bit, playing with my kids, take nice siestas with my wife, walking to the small town every eventide where I imbibe some wine, and drama the guitar with my amigos. I have got got a good and busy life".

The American bragged "I have a Master in Business from Harvard University and can assist you. You necessitate to spent more than clip fishing and should purchase a larger boat with the other money you will be earning. Since you will be earning a batch more by having a larger boat you can reinvest this money in your concern by purchasing further boats. Soon you will have got your ain fleet of fishing boats".

The American continued (after catching his breath) "You should halt merchandising your fish through a middleman. Sell direct to the processor and before long you will have got adequate money for your ain cannery. You will be able to command the product, processing, and distribution. Obviously you would necessitate to go forth this little small town and move to United Mexican States City. Eventually you volition be able to spread out to lanthanum and then New York, from where can run your growth concern empire."

The fisherman asked "How long will all of this take?"

To which the American replied "I think about 15 - 20 years."

"What then?" Asked the fisherman.

The American chuckled and said "That's the exiting part. When the clip is right you could establish an initial public offering and sell your company's stock to the public. You can do a batch of money. In fact, you can do billions of dollars!"

"Millions – What then?"

The American said "Why not retire? Travel to a small fishing small town where you could kip late, fish a little, drama with your kids, take siestas with your wife, walking to the small town every eventide where you could imbibe some vino and drama your guitar with your amigos."

Happiness is a mindset. Some people will never be happy, regardless of how much money they have. Other people will be happy even if they only have got a small spot of money and unrecorded comfortably.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Powerful Article Writing - 4 Effective Ways to Earn Money Through Article Writing

Do you happen yourself wishing your website can gain more than money? Bash you believe you can have got got a much larger income than what you have now? If you answered yes to either question, you might desire to see using article authorship as a agency to advance your website. As you know, successful promotional political campaigns take to more than than than than exposure to people, which naturally takes to more gross sales and net income for you.

Here are four ways article authorship can assist you advance your website so you can gain more:

1.) Article selling -- You can convey more attending to your website by launching an article selling campaign. Submit the transcripts you've written to article syndication land sites or directories. Soon your articles will be posted for everyone to view. If your plant are of the peak quality, you can even anticipate them to be reposted in other websites, which increases even additional your site's exposure.

2.) E-mail selling -- If you desire to hike the figure of the members of your endorser list, you can travel by this option. You can utilize the articles you've written as installments of an electronic mail series. Brand them accessible and viewable to endorsers only to increase the figure of members in your mailing list.

3.) E-book -- Your articles can be compiled and marketed as an e-book. You can sell the e-book to gain money directly from it. You can also gain indirectly by using the e-book arsenic an inducement to clients to increase your site's traffic and mailing list. Either way, you're in the place to earn.

4.) Ghostwriting -- Even if you don't have got an online concern to promote, you can still gain from article selling by authorship for others. Usually, clients you'll happen online demand full rights to writers' works. If you're comfortable with this setup, this option is for you.

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Friday, October 5, 2007

188 Stage Hero's Journey (Monomyth) - Trial 2 - Antagonising The Antagonism, Doves And Hawks


Kal Bishop's 188 phase Hero's Journey (Monomyth) is the templet upon which the huge bulk of successful narratives and Film Industry blockbusters are based upon. In fact, ALL of the 100s of Film Industry movies we have got deconstructed (see uniform resource locator below) are based on this 188+ phase template. Understanding this templet is a precedence for narrative or screenwriters. This is the templet you must get the hang if you are to win in the craft.

[The nomenclature is most often metaphorical and uses to all successful narratives and screenplays, from The Godfather (1972) to Brokeback Mountain (2006) to Annie Hallway (1977) to Godhead of the Rings (2003) to Drugstore Cowboy (1989) to Thelma and Louise (1991) to Apocaplyse Now (1979)].



In statistics, outliers are the exceptions. These are the relative incidences that happen outside the normal scope of results.

Many people cannot acquire their caput around the thought that every narrative they have got seen, read or been exposed to is essentially a reworking of the same base.

They rebel against it. They cannot see it. They don't like having the magic fast one explained to them. They don't like the thought that their front-runner stories, albeit structurally, are not completely "original." They miss the benefit of experience and they have got not sat through 100s of successful narratives and deconstructed them scene-by-scene and sequence-by-sequence. They have got not attained the epiphany.

You must not be one of these people. Not if you desire to be commercially successfully.

Often, these people mention to outliers (the exceptions) in order to warrant their theory that not all narratives conform to the same base.

a) There are, in reality, very few outliers.

b) Many people are bad analysts (with A mediocre apprehension of the Hero's Journey and Transformation) and incorrectly mention to narratives (that follow the structure) as exceptions.

c) The outliers (exceptions) are nearly always less effective, poorer narratives and commercially unsuccessful (one ground you should not worry about them).

d) The additional the outliers swerve away from this structure, the poorer and less successful they be given to be (another ground you should not worry about them).

e) The exclusions are nearly always portion of an unusual genre, such as as "experimental" or "art-house." While these may have got value in their ain right, they will deviate you from authorship effectual and successful stories.

Steven Spielberg utilizes this structural template. Saint George George Lucas utilizes this structural template. Francis John Ford Francis Ford Coppola utilizes this structural template. William Shakespeare used this structural template. All your front-runner writers, managers and manufacturers utilize this structural template. You should utilize this structural template.

In summary, make not worry about the outliers. Maestro this construction first.

(For the Complete 188+ phase Hero's Journey simply travel to http://www.heros-journey.info/ )


*****Trial Two - Antagonising the Antagonism*****

One facet of the Trial 2 is the Hostility of the Antagonist. In Bonnie and Clyde (1967), Frank tongues on Bonnie, Clyde beats out him up and sets him in the boat.

*****Doves and Hawks*****

These are two originals that are for the Hero embarking on the Journey (Hawks) or against it (Doves). Both argument the professionals and cons of the journey. In Alien (1979), Lambert makes not desire to travel but Kane is keen. Dark Side. The danger of following the Call is that it could take to the dark side. Doves often are against the Journey, not because of any selfishness, but because of the very existent menace involved. In Raging Bull (1980), the local Maffia desire Jake Lanthanum Motta to take a dive. He defies this phone call as it will surely take to the dark side.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Raisin's Courageous Journey - Kindred Spirits Searching for Home

I remember summertime years of early childhood at the community pool club, cavorting with vicinity children and running barefoot through the grass; Cl and sunburn lotion mingling with the deliciously tantalising olfactory property of broiled hot dogs, beefburgers and greasy french fries wafting through the warm zephyr from the pool side bite bar. Those were the years of dampish swim lawsuits clinging to sunburned skin, stays of gluey melted ice lollies dribbling down my mentum and between my fingers, and the soothing bedtime sense experience of cool talcum pulverization and sharp cotton wool sheets.

I stood at the border of the high diving event board staring down at the deep bluish H2O beneath me. Iodine longed to drift weightlessly through the air, culminating my journeying with the hugest splash my bantam framework could manage. How proud Iodine will feel, I thought to myself, if I could just summons the courageousness to allow travel and wing free. I never did pull off to jump. Instead, I stood frozen at the border consumed with twinges of enviousness as I observed the small miss on the diving event board next to mine, leaping effortlessly into mid-air with the courageousness of a warrior and the saving grace of a ballerina. Iodine turned around and climbed slowly down the ladder towards the safety of solid ground, my little caput hung in shame.

Feeling defeated, at the legal tender age of seven I already grasped the conception of the interior voice. I had not listened to mine, and instead allowed my fearfulness and self-doubt to forestall me from trusting myself and reaching my fullest potential. Respective old age later I stood up on my reddish H2O skis for the first time, slicing though the cold Waters of Lake Geneva- my nine twelvemonth old spirit soaring. I was a bird in flight, drunk with the glorification and victory of my accomplishment.

It is never too late to mend the interior kid and set her free. A wise adult female recently told me that it takes a lower limit of three lunar rhythms for a psyche to rest and rejuvenate before it is ready to undergo a rebirth. At first Iodine interpreted the term "rebirth" in a actual sense, as I was coping with the recent loss of my darling pet and considering the possibility that his psyche might go back to me in a different physical word form in this lifetime.

During the past respective calendar months as I have got got garnered the courageousness to emerge from the safety of my cocoon and wing into the land of the unknown region like a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly, I have come up to research the conception of metempsychosis from a new perspective. In a nonliteral sense, one psyche can undergo a metempsychosis multiple modern times in a single lifetime. When the interior voice is overpowered by layers of ego doubt, turning away and fear, the psyche is impoverished and discontinues to thrive. When a individual darings to take a leaping into the unknown, the interior kid is released, the spirit zooms and the psyche is reborn.

I have got been thought a batch lately about puppies, fenced in backyards, and the heat of home. In my mind's oculus I see a small miss running barefooted through the grass on a summertime afternoon, unworried and exuberant, with scraped necessitates and chubby cheeks kissed by the sun. She is my past and my future, and the way ahead now looks strikingly clear. At some point in all of our lives, the past collides with the hereafter and we go full circle. I spent a very long clip feeling homeless, until I discovered that place lies within; it have been there all along just waiting to be rediscovered.

Last hebdomad on a dark and rainy night, a achromatic Labrador Retriever came lumbering into my life- lost, panicky and soaking wet. Panting and slobbering wildly, he gazed into my eyes as if pleading with me to assist him happen his manner back home. I was defeat with the pungent olfactory property of wet domestic dog as I struggled to steady his tremendous framework and read the bantam words engraved in the designation tag wall hanging around his immense neck.

As I murmured reassuringly and pledged to assist him happen his way, I envisioned this gentle giant lost and alone on a dark rainy night. I imagined him ensconced in the security of his fenced in backyard, olfactory organ twitching and ears perked as he absorbed the unusual sense experiences of the night, his dark eyes gazing far off into the distance, primal inherent aptitudes pushing him beyond the safety of his gate into the blackness of the night. I likened us to akin spirits, adult male and beast, traveling a way without a roadmap, guided by inherent aptitude alone.

Several hours later and covered in crud and pooch slobber, I delivered my new friend into the weaponry of his very thankful owner. I discovered his name was Raisin and he was very much loved and missed. Although I was sad to see him go, I was pleased to cognize Raisin was headed back to his loving place and family. I reminisced about my ain departed pet, laughing at the memory of Surface-To-Air Missile with his caput stuck in a pint of Hagan Dazs, his preference for the odor of vodka tonics, the mischief-making in his greenish eyes as he darted back and forth across my bantam studio with another captured brassiere in his mouth, and Surface-To-Air Missile at the end of his life hungrily devouring a plate of Spaghetti with tomato sauce.

Raisin was not mine to keep, and Surface-To-Air Missile have been gone from life for nearly three months. At the present minute I am completely childless. Although I am saddened by this world and the solitariness is palpable, I believe the experience with Raisin is a positive portent of things to come. Raisin establish his manner to me for a reason, and as I go on on my journeying towards the hereafter that expects me, I am no longer afraid of the unknown. No substance what haps or where I stop up, inside at least, I will always be home.

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