Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Raisin's Courageous Journey - Kindred Spirits Searching for Home

I remember summertime years of early childhood at the community pool club, cavorting with vicinity children and running barefoot through the grass; Cl and sunburn lotion mingling with the deliciously tantalising olfactory property of broiled hot dogs, beefburgers and greasy french fries wafting through the warm zephyr from the pool side bite bar. Those were the years of dampish swim lawsuits clinging to sunburned skin, stays of gluey melted ice lollies dribbling down my mentum and between my fingers, and the soothing bedtime sense experience of cool talcum pulverization and sharp cotton wool sheets.

I stood at the border of the high diving event board staring down at the deep bluish H2O beneath me. Iodine longed to drift weightlessly through the air, culminating my journeying with the hugest splash my bantam framework could manage. How proud Iodine will feel, I thought to myself, if I could just summons the courageousness to allow travel and wing free. I never did pull off to jump. Instead, I stood frozen at the border consumed with twinges of enviousness as I observed the small miss on the diving event board next to mine, leaping effortlessly into mid-air with the courageousness of a warrior and the saving grace of a ballerina. Iodine turned around and climbed slowly down the ladder towards the safety of solid ground, my little caput hung in shame.

Feeling defeated, at the legal tender age of seven I already grasped the conception of the interior voice. I had not listened to mine, and instead allowed my fearfulness and self-doubt to forestall me from trusting myself and reaching my fullest potential. Respective old age later I stood up on my reddish H2O skis for the first time, slicing though the cold Waters of Lake Geneva- my nine twelvemonth old spirit soaring. I was a bird in flight, drunk with the glorification and victory of my accomplishment.

It is never too late to mend the interior kid and set her free. A wise adult female recently told me that it takes a lower limit of three lunar rhythms for a psyche to rest and rejuvenate before it is ready to undergo a rebirth. At first Iodine interpreted the term "rebirth" in a actual sense, as I was coping with the recent loss of my darling pet and considering the possibility that his psyche might go back to me in a different physical word form in this lifetime.

During the past respective calendar months as I have got got garnered the courageousness to emerge from the safety of my cocoon and wing into the land of the unknown region like a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly, I have come up to research the conception of metempsychosis from a new perspective. In a nonliteral sense, one psyche can undergo a metempsychosis multiple modern times in a single lifetime. When the interior voice is overpowered by layers of ego doubt, turning away and fear, the psyche is impoverished and discontinues to thrive. When a individual darings to take a leaping into the unknown, the interior kid is released, the spirit zooms and the psyche is reborn.

I have got been thought a batch lately about puppies, fenced in backyards, and the heat of home. In my mind's oculus I see a small miss running barefooted through the grass on a summertime afternoon, unworried and exuberant, with scraped necessitates and chubby cheeks kissed by the sun. She is my past and my future, and the way ahead now looks strikingly clear. At some point in all of our lives, the past collides with the hereafter and we go full circle. I spent a very long clip feeling homeless, until I discovered that place lies within; it have been there all along just waiting to be rediscovered.

Last hebdomad on a dark and rainy night, a achromatic Labrador Retriever came lumbering into my life- lost, panicky and soaking wet. Panting and slobbering wildly, he gazed into my eyes as if pleading with me to assist him happen his manner back home. I was defeat with the pungent olfactory property of wet domestic dog as I struggled to steady his tremendous framework and read the bantam words engraved in the designation tag wall hanging around his immense neck.

As I murmured reassuringly and pledged to assist him happen his way, I envisioned this gentle giant lost and alone on a dark rainy night. I imagined him ensconced in the security of his fenced in backyard, olfactory organ twitching and ears perked as he absorbed the unusual sense experiences of the night, his dark eyes gazing far off into the distance, primal inherent aptitudes pushing him beyond the safety of his gate into the blackness of the night. I likened us to akin spirits, adult male and beast, traveling a way without a roadmap, guided by inherent aptitude alone.

Several hours later and covered in crud and pooch slobber, I delivered my new friend into the weaponry of his very thankful owner. I discovered his name was Raisin and he was very much loved and missed. Although I was sad to see him go, I was pleased to cognize Raisin was headed back to his loving place and family. I reminisced about my ain departed pet, laughing at the memory of Surface-To-Air Missile with his caput stuck in a pint of Hagan Dazs, his preference for the odor of vodka tonics, the mischief-making in his greenish eyes as he darted back and forth across my bantam studio with another captured brassiere in his mouth, and Surface-To-Air Missile at the end of his life hungrily devouring a plate of Spaghetti with tomato sauce.

Raisin was not mine to keep, and Surface-To-Air Missile have been gone from life for nearly three months. At the present minute I am completely childless. Although I am saddened by this world and the solitariness is palpable, I believe the experience with Raisin is a positive portent of things to come. Raisin establish his manner to me for a reason, and as I go on on my journeying towards the hereafter that expects me, I am no longer afraid of the unknown. No substance what haps or where I stop up, inside at least, I will always be home.

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