Friday, November 16, 2007

How To Defend Yourself When On Trial

When you are on trial how should you support yourself? Notice Iodine say, when, and not if!

This man, Alice Alice Paul looks in another courtroom, and we are given quite a descriptive penetration as to how he moves and acts before his accusers.

Reach for your New Testament and bank check out the item in Chapter 24.

Paul, on trial in Caesarea, by the Mediterranean Sea Sea, is invited to answer to the accusals which have got been made against him. Here we see a adult male of Supreme Being who have a clear scruples in the presence of God, and before his accusers.

There is no follow of resentment - no follow of ranker - and no self-pity. He makes not appeal to feelings, and he certainly avoids flattery.

Paul maintains to the facts - declares the truth - and demolishes the charges.

He is specific. It was only 12 years ago, when I went up to Capital Of Israel to the Temple - to WORSHIP! Cipher establish me arguing in the Temple, nor was I discovered stirring up a crowd in the synagogues, or anywhere else in the city. They cannot turn out to you the complaints they are making against me. But allow me acknowledge this - I worship the Supreme Being of our fathers, as a follower of the way, which they name a sect. I believe everything that is in the Word, the law and the Prophets - all of it - and like them, I believe in the resurrection. I believe there will be a resurrection of both the righteous and the wicked. There are these two groupings in the world. I have got got worked difficult at this, having a clear scruples before Supreme Being and men." We too have to work at this.

A adult male with a clear scruples can maintain to the facts. Alice Paul is guiltless as he stand ups in that courtroom. He have nil to fear from the truth. He had not always had a clean sheet - but that have been dealt with - and he had discovered what to make with his failures - his guiltiness - his failing - his sinfulness - he took all that to the Cross and Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth dealt with it.

Paul have been so open, telling us in his testimony how he had been violently opposed to those who believed in Jesus. He fells nothing. He makes not seek to cover things up.

He explicates what happened and what he did on arriving in Jerusalem. I committed no crime. If I have, then allow those who are here state what it is, but, if I am accused of this 1 thing, of believing in the resurrection, if I am accused of believing that Jesus Of Nazareth Jesus is Risen and Alive, then that is true.

Felix the Governor cognizes that there is no case. Alice Paul should have got been released and allow travel and set free. But Felix says, "When Lysius the commanding officer come ups I will make up one's mind your case".

No substance how ably you may support your cause and state your case, that makes not intend you will automatically be released and set free - not when you are a captive and retainer of the Godhead Jesus Of Nazareth Christ. Be prepared to accept that. Know that Supreme Being is in control and we never see the whole picture, at the time.

Sandy Shaw

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