Thursday, October 25, 2007

Negative Thinking - Beware The Results Can Be Powerful

Before the film "The Secret" a long line of authors and minds have got promoted the self-help powerfulnesses of positive idea as long dorsum as adult male pondered his ain existence.

Reams of research have shown positive thought to be good for your health. A positive mental attitude and optimistic thought are healthy. The powerfulness of positive thought is shows that those who stay positive are healthier, unrecorded longer, and study greater satisfaction with life than those who might be labeled pessimistic.

But, what about negative thinking?

Here's a narrative about how negative thought can impact your health. (I'll have got to paraphrasis it; I heard it off a seminar by British Shilling Procter.)

One nighttime a nighttime ticker adult male was patrolling a railroad pace to check up on that no 1 was breaking into the containers and stealing the table of contents of them.

He came across a container that had its door open. He walked over cautiously to see what was going on and could happen no mark of life around so he took a speedy expression inside.

The container was empty, but as he walked in the door of the container closed behind him and he establish himself locked in. he pushed on the door for a piece to see if it would open up but it was completely stuck. He then started to cry for aid but there was no answer.

As he resigned himself to being looked in the container he started to look around and noticed that the container he was in wasn't a normal but that he was locked in 1 a refrigerated one.

After a piece he noticed that he was getting colder and colder. Because he didn't believe he was going to acquire aid any clip soon he decided to compose on the wall of the container to state of his experience.

He wrote that he was getting colder and colder and starting to lose feeling in his body.

After a couple of hours it got harder for him to compose but his last remarks he wrote that he was going to decease soon because it was so cold.

The container was opened later that morning time by some work work force who establish the nighttime ticker adult male dead organic structure in the corner.

If I finished this article you would state it was a tragical accident and it would be, but the tragical portion is that the container the nighttime ticker adult male locked himself in was having care done it that day. The portion that was broken on the container was the infrigidation mechanism.

The temperature inside the container that nighttime was no different to the temperature outside.

So what caused the adult male to die? Was it his thinking? Had the negative ideas he was having about his state of affairs caused him to give up his volition to live?

You may have got your theories, but I believe you tin see that not substance the state of affairs you happen yourself your ideas either positive or negative can affect how you cover with your jobs whether existent or imaginary.

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