Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Money Does Not Buy You Happiness, Or Does It?

The argument on whether money can or cannot bargain felicity will not be won by either side. Why? Well, there is simply not a right or incorrect reply to this question. It all depends on our mentality and our perceptual experience of happiness. You may have got no wishing to get great wealth. In fact, maybe you just desire to dwell a comfy life where you have got everything you necessitate and don't necessitate to worry about money all the time? There is nil incorrect with lone wanting to dwell comfortably.

Ever heard the narrative of the Mexican fisherman? It is one of my favorites! I have got no thought where it arises from but it have a valuable lesson for all of us.

The narrative travels that an American investing banker, on vacation in Mexico, was standing at a wharf in a little coastal village. A bantam boat with lone 1 fisherman docked at the pier. Inside his boat were respective big tuna. The American congratulated the Mexican on his catch and complimented him on the quality of the tuna. "How long did it take you to catch them?" he asked.

The fisherman replied "Not very long".

This made the American funny and he wanted to cognize why the fisherman didn't pass more than than clip catching more fish. The fisherman simply replied that he had caught enough fish for the twenty-four hours to back up his family.

The American became even more than funny at this answer and asked "What make you make every day?"

The fisherman said, "I like sleeping late, fishing a bit, playing with my kids, take nice siestas with my wife, walking to the small town every eventide where I imbibe some wine, and drama the guitar with my amigos. I have got got a good and busy life".

The American bragged "I have a Master in Business from Harvard University and can assist you. You necessitate to spent more than clip fishing and should purchase a larger boat with the other money you will be earning. Since you will be earning a batch more by having a larger boat you can reinvest this money in your concern by purchasing further boats. Soon you will have got your ain fleet of fishing boats".

The American continued (after catching his breath) "You should halt merchandising your fish through a middleman. Sell direct to the processor and before long you will have got adequate money for your ain cannery. You will be able to command the product, processing, and distribution. Obviously you would necessitate to go forth this little small town and move to United Mexican States City. Eventually you volition be able to spread out to lanthanum and then New York, from where can run your growth concern empire."

The fisherman asked "How long will all of this take?"

To which the American replied "I think about 15 - 20 years."

"What then?" Asked the fisherman.

The American chuckled and said "That's the exiting part. When the clip is right you could establish an initial public offering and sell your company's stock to the public. You can do a batch of money. In fact, you can do billions of dollars!"

"Millions – What then?"

The American said "Why not retire? Travel to a small fishing small town where you could kip late, fish a little, drama with your kids, take siestas with your wife, walking to the small town every eventide where you could imbibe some vino and drama your guitar with your amigos."

Happiness is a mindset. Some people will never be happy, regardless of how much money they have. Other people will be happy even if they only have got a small spot of money and unrecorded comfortably.

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