Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What a New Writer Has to Know about Creating a Character

What is the psyche of a story? Some people state the plot, some others state the characters. I say, it's both.

But now, I'd wish to speak about characters.

How make you make a character?

Here are some ways used by authors out there in creating the fictional fictional characters in their story:

• Go with the flow

Some authors get with the first few lines. As long as they can acquire something interesting for the first line, the remainder will follow. The character's personality turns at the same clip the author constructs the plot. It is not actually intentionally created. Some authors like this method because, for them, the procedure of authorship is full of magic. It looks like it's their custody and head workings together in their subconscious head mind. This sort of method is normally used by professional or experienced writers

• Concept the details

Some other authors prefer to deeply cognize the characters. They must cognize the whole inside information about this 'person.' They do a listing of all the inside information about the characters. The listing incorporates name (full name and how you name them), age (time and day of the month of birth), height, weight, skin, hair and oculus color, hair style, parents', spouse, children and siblings' name, address, telephone number, educational background, job, good and bad habits, favourite food, book, film and music. For the former type of author mentioned above, this method might look boring. It looks like all the exhilaration is gone with the list. But for those preferring this method, it is a good manner to construct the story, along with the plot.

• Use person they know

Some other authors prefer to just utilize a figure they know. They utilize all basic information about the model, their life, their job, their personality, etc. This is the less originative manner in constructing a character.

Try one of those three tips that you experience most comfy with. Or, seek all three then make up one's mind which lawsuits you most.

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