Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Quick Blogging - Intermediate Ways to Blogging

Some bloggers often inquire "why don't I have got enough traffic on my blog". Well, the common errors that most new bloggers perpetrate is, they set up a blog, set random entries, and hope that visitants will eventually come. It doesn't work that way. In order for your blog to bring forth traffic and eventually profit, these intermediate ways must be followed:

1. Your blog must be constantly updated. Give your readers a ground to re-visit your site, give them new content or new information that they will happen valuable. Also, give hunt engines a ground to index your site. Dead blog are most improbable to acquire the attending of most hunt engines.

2. Use "pinging services". Assorted pinging services such as as Pingomatic and King Ping River aid you advise hunt engines every clip you post a new entry on your blog. By doing this you do hunt engines visit your land site more often.

3. Promote your blog. Cipher will cognize about your blog until you publicize it. You can advance your blog through forum posting or through societal networking sites. You can also use article selling technique to acquire quality arriving golf course for your blog.

4. Use Google Adsense. You can set up ads on your site, preferably those that are related to your subject or topic. Google will pay you every clip an interested visitant chinks those links.

5. Visit and station remarks on other related to blogs. Search the cyberspace for blogs that share your subject or theme. Leave a positive remark or suggestion on each land site and include your blog's URL. This volition do your blog crawl easily.

6. Optimize your blog. Include relevant keywords or keyphrases on your content and on your sphere name. This volition do it easier for hunt engines to index your blog.

7. Include your blog's uniform resource locator on every electronic mail that you send. This is one of the easiest ways to publicize your blog without putting up too much attempt and money.


Friday, November 16, 2007

How To Defend Yourself When On Trial

When you are on trial how should you support yourself? Notice Iodine say, when, and not if!

This man, Alice Alice Paul looks in another courtroom, and we are given quite a descriptive penetration as to how he moves and acts before his accusers.

Reach for your New Testament and bank check out the item in Chapter 24.

Paul, on trial in Caesarea, by the Mediterranean Sea Sea, is invited to answer to the accusals which have got been made against him. Here we see a adult male of Supreme Being who have a clear scruples in the presence of God, and before his accusers.

There is no follow of resentment - no follow of ranker - and no self-pity. He makes not appeal to feelings, and he certainly avoids flattery.

Paul maintains to the facts - declares the truth - and demolishes the charges.

He is specific. It was only 12 years ago, when I went up to Capital Of Israel to the Temple - to WORSHIP! Cipher establish me arguing in the Temple, nor was I discovered stirring up a crowd in the synagogues, or anywhere else in the city. They cannot turn out to you the complaints they are making against me. But allow me acknowledge this - I worship the Supreme Being of our fathers, as a follower of the way, which they name a sect. I believe everything that is in the Word, the law and the Prophets - all of it - and like them, I believe in the resurrection. I believe there will be a resurrection of both the righteous and the wicked. There are these two groupings in the world. I have got got worked difficult at this, having a clear scruples before Supreme Being and men." We too have to work at this.

A adult male with a clear scruples can maintain to the facts. Alice Paul is guiltless as he stand ups in that courtroom. He have nil to fear from the truth. He had not always had a clean sheet - but that have been dealt with - and he had discovered what to make with his failures - his guiltiness - his failing - his sinfulness - he took all that to the Cross and Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth dealt with it.

Paul have been so open, telling us in his testimony how he had been violently opposed to those who believed in Jesus. He fells nothing. He makes not seek to cover things up.

He explicates what happened and what he did on arriving in Jerusalem. I committed no crime. If I have, then allow those who are here state what it is, but, if I am accused of this 1 thing, of believing in the resurrection, if I am accused of believing that Jesus Of Nazareth Jesus is Risen and Alive, then that is true.

Felix the Governor cognizes that there is no case. Alice Paul should have got been released and allow travel and set free. But Felix says, "When Lysius the commanding officer come ups I will make up one's mind your case".

No substance how ably you may support your cause and state your case, that makes not intend you will automatically be released and set free - not when you are a captive and retainer of the Godhead Jesus Of Nazareth Christ. Be prepared to accept that. Know that Supreme Being is in control and we never see the whole picture, at the time.

Sandy Shaw

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

History of Happiness

The history of felicity did not get just a few old age ago. It was not even a couple of thousand old age ago that it began. No 1 cognizes the exact clip that felicity was first experienced but it is often estimated that felicity began respective thousand old age ago because of the earlier Hagiographa that have got been handed down through history. As early as 5,000 B.C. there are sacred textual matters known as the Vedas which were written by great sages and which explicate the manner to happen true felicity in life. The Vedas have got been the beginning of the Hindoo faith for one thousands of old age and were even studied by the The Buddha himself. What is certain is that felicity have come up along with the being of life itself and only the Supreme Being cognizes for certain when it all began.

Although nil is for certain concerning felicity and the history of its origins, we cognize that there is a sense of felicity that differentiates itself from the stuff felicity that many people seek out in modern times. Spiritual felicity is something that still lies deep within us and necessarily depends on the perceptual experience of the individual who make up one's minds whether they desire to prosecute this or not. Different people can go happy in different ways and there are many Negro spiritual traditions from the Grecian to the modern twenty-four hours Islamic traditions which all aid people to happen the felicity that they are searching for in life.

The history of felicity may change according to different people but one thing looks to be true, people larn by experience and through mistakes. In many cases, aged people actually be given to be happier than little people because of the fact that they have got got experienced life already and have learned from their mistakes. They have got tried a assortment of attacks in life and learned to be successful according to what they do. They have got failed at times, yes, but they also learned to stand up up and human face the human race again. This historical experience, for them, have contributed to their ability to be happy and to happen the existent beginning of felicity which is actually coming from inside themselves. They may have got committed errors but they are still here, loving and being loved by the others around them.

A narrative about felicity may assist to exemplify the manner history plays such as an of import function in how we larn to be happier in our lives. There was once a immature male child and an apple tree who were friends. The male child would always swing from the subdivisions of the tree, ascent all over it, eat the apples and sleet under the tree. These were such as happy years but, when the male child got older, he spent less clip with the tree and the adult male only became interested in money. The tree said, "Take my apples and sell them, these volition give you tons of money." The adult male did so and the tree was happy. The tree did not see the adult male for a long clip after that. The adult male grew older, tired of the human race and wanted to acquire away from it. When the tree saw the old man, it said, "Cut a big tree trunk out of me and do a boat, it will direct you off to different places." The adult male did so and the tree was happy. The tree waited again until the clip the man, its true friend, would return. Finally, the old adult male returned but he was too old to play and too tired to prosecute any more than wealth. The tree said, "Why make not you just sit down down and remainder in my shade?" The adult male did so and the tree was happy.

The narrative can be understood such as that we see ourselves growing aged and recognizing that there are trees in our lives which give and are willing to give more than than and more even if it intends releasing a portion of themselves to us. Just how many trees in our lives would assist us accomplish our individual ends and attain our satisfaction in life depends upon us and what we really necessitate to be happy. How many modern times in life make we take simple things like "shade" for granted? This contemplation may assist us recognize that it may not be the trees in our lives that convey us felicity but the manner we associate to them and take advantage of their gifts. It may be that we necessitate very small in life but it takes us an full lifespan to recognize this simple fact. This may be what history is also showing us and something that, hopefully, many people will acknowledge sooner rather than later.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

An Attitude Change is the Biggest Change You Will Ever Make

You may have got heard it said before that an mental attitude alteration is easy. All you have got to make is alteration everything about yourself. As brainsick as it seems, it is the truth. A alteration in your mental attitude will eventually affect everything about you. It is easy and yet, the fact that you have got to maintain at it twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours is what do it really hard. An mental attitude alteration necessitates a long term doggedness that few people have. That is what do it the greatest alteration you will ever make.

Attitude alterations typically take topographic point when something monumental haps in a person's life that suddenly do them see everything differently. This may be a near-death experience or some sort of calamity that they were not expecting. People get to see that life is extremely delicate and they get to believe that maybe the existent significance of life is contained in something other than the things they used to value so much. They get to change their values to and to near life from a new position about what is truly important. It makes not have got to be a calamity or a near-death experience, however, which conveys this about. An mental mental attitude alteration can take topographic point simply because you do up one's mind that you desire to do yourself into a better individual and you are determined to make that happen.

One of the most common grounds for bringing about an attitude change, besides a calamity or near-death experience is the simple fact that a individual goes fed up with the life they have got been living. They no longer see themselves as a worthwhile person and they desire to experience good about themselves again. Maybe it was just a small thing that went incorrect in their life but it was somehow the straw that bust the camel's dorsum and now they are ready to really change their life. How do they acquire serious about this program and make themselves actually lodge to the new alterations that they have got in head for themselves? What do they necessitate to do to actually do this mental mental attitude alteration a reality?

One of the best ways to really do your attitude alteration stick is to fall in a grouping and make a committedness to travel to that grouping respective modern times a hebdomad in order to remind yourself about the alterations you are trying to make. Other people can do wonderments for your mental attitude and make you lodge to the promises you have got made for yourself simply because you experience more than support from other people when you fall in a group. It really makes not substance who the people are in the grouping and whether you like them or not. This is not how an mental attitude alteration works. The alteration takes topographic point because you make a committedness to make friends with some new people who are trying to do the same thing as you are trying to do; i.e. better you life! You travel to the group, not because the people are so great or you love them so much. You travel to the grouping because you are trying to make yourself a better individual and you cognize that you can not really do it on your own. This is called humbleness and it is a primary ingredient in bringing about an mental attitude alteration in anyone.

You have got to be able to acknowledge that you can not make everything on your own. People make not go educated docs or lawyers on their own. They travel to school and social classes to accomplish this. Similarly, you can not change your mental attitude and go a new individual on your own. You necessitate other people! If you are serious about making an mental attitude alteration in yourself, you will do a committedness to fall in a grouping and start workings toward your end with others who are also interested in the same thing. There are one thousands of groupings out there and you can happen one that tantrums the involvements you have got to do a change. Attitude alteration is easy but it takes combined attempt over a long clip period of time. What better manner to give yourself to this long term end than to seek out a new grouping and do a committedness to assist out each week. You will surely be on the route to success once you have got made that decision!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Why Money Can Sometimes Buy "Happiness"

We've all been told since we were little children that money can't purchase happiness. And many of us trust on this axiom throughout our lives, but perhaps not in the manner we should.

Too often, we utilize this as a reminder. We buy, for instance, new furniture. We love our new furniture, but after a piece we're no longer in love with it, and wishing we hadn't bought it because, "After all, money can't purchase happiness."

To really understand whether money can purchase happiness, it's necessary to define what we intend by "happiness." In this sense, what most people intend by felicity is permanent fulfilment and joyousness in life.

It is true that money cannot bargain felicity by that definition. Money can purchase minutes of joy, and money can purchase pleasure, but you're going to have got to put clip and work into permanent fulfillment.

And, surprisingly, money can assist you with those two factors, which intends money actually can assist you accomplish permanent "happiness."

Let's expression at a hypothetical situation. Imagine that you would experience very fulfilled and that you would be life your life according to your intent if you could pass clip each hebdomad workings with acquired immune deficiency syndrome patients at the local hospice.

At first glance, this makes not look like a state of affairs where money can "buy" you what you want. But first glimpses are often deceiving.

At present, you can only pass two hours on Lord'S Day at the hospice. You would wish to see on Saturday, as well, but you currently work a 2nd occupation on Saturdays.

This is where money come ups in. If you had enough money to discontinue your 2nd job, you could pass your Saturday volunteering at the hospice.

Once you find that you would be truly fulfilled by volunteering on Saturdays as well, you could inquire for a rise at your primary job, expression for a higher-paying occupation to replace both jobs, or expression for a part-time occupation that doesn't necessitate Saturday work. And once you have got the money to pass your Saturdays as you wish, you would be more than than fulfilled.

Another manner that money can lend to your feeling of fulfilment in your life is more direct, but related. Suppose that you have got heard about an orphanage in Kenya, for example, that demands a new roof. You would wish to lend to putting a new roof on the orphanage. You would experience you were helping other people, and that is very of import to you. You would happen it fulfilling to lend to the orphanage.

You would no doubt be glad to lend as much as you could, and you might be willing to do forfeits to increase that amount. And as your part increased, so would your sense of having made a existent part - and your sense of fulfillment.

The fleeting joyousness that come ups from a new auto or a new computing machine is of import in its way. We all demand to experience pleasance and joy. But what we really necessitate is true and permanent fulfillment.

Money can't purchase that fulfillment, but you can utilize your money to make things that you happen fulfilling, and that's actually better than purchasing happiness, anyway.

To happen fulfilment in your ain life:

• Think about the 1 thing you could make that would make you happier and more than satisfied, in a permanent way, than anything else.

• Determine what it would take to do that one thing.

• Menachem Begin taking little stairway to carry through your goal.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Focusing Illusion

A win on the lottery is not the cardinal to abiding happiness, according to research workers in the United Kingdom and United States who survey what do people happy. Apparently, after the initial euphoria have on off, people tax return to the same degree of felicity they had before the lottery win. There's much guess among the research workers as to why.

Have you ever heard the term "focusing illusion"? It basically furuncles down to the thought that when people believe about or fantasise about a major life change, we be given to overstate the consequence the alteration will have got on our happiness. We conceive of it will be either far better or far worse than what actually haps after the dust settle downs from the change. Rich Person this happened to you?

Have you ever worked toward purchasing something, state a nice car? First you state to yourself, "boy, I would love to have got that car". After a while, you do a determination to salvage to purchase the car. Your ideas alteration to "when I have got my new car...things will be great!" You salvage and the twenty-four hours come ups to purchase the car. It's a fantastic day, you are elated to be behind the wheel of this astonishing vehicle and you just cognize that everyone is envious of you and your flash car. Days and hebdomads travel by. Life goes on as usual. It gets to dawning on you that, although you are very happy with the auto itself, you are no more than happy with life than before you had it. See how this works?

What about larger life alterations like a new job, new spouse, location change, new baby, etc...?

For those of you who have got got teens in your home: How often have you heard this? "When I travel to university and go forth home, things are gonna be much better for me" or similar comments. Well, we parents who went through it already cognize that while the freedom of growing up is really merriment and exciting, there is duty associated with it. The initial euphoria of leaving place and being on your ain have on off and goes "normal" or even difficult.

Divorce is another example. If you have got got been through one (unfortunately, many of us have), you might retrieve reaching the determination in your head that you had had "enough". Even if you were not the 1 who wanted the divorcement - you probably got there anyway. With that decision, your head turns toward the future: how much better your life will be without the other person, how you will be free to happen person better for you, how you will be free of struggle and fighting and, of course, if you are divorcing because you experience you are in love with person else, how much better your life will be with your new love. And so it goes...

What was the long term reality? My guess? After a few old age in your new life, you were the same individual as before your jobs began. Americium Iodine right? Yes, you were unhappy with the situation of your old life; but if you were generally happy within yourself, you remained so. If you were not, once the focusing semblance is gone, you were the same - unhappy.

There is a dark side to the focusing illusion. Bash you cognize person whose parent, partner or foreman is overly critical? Don't you experience sad or disquieted for the person? What would you state to them if they asked? Run away - this human relationship is not good for you. Yet, this individual probably maintains a clasp of the focusing semblance "if lone Iodine could make this or have got this, I would experience loved by my parent, partner or be rewarded by my boss." This dynamical happens in many insulting relationships: verbal, emotional and physical. Not healthy. Yet many people propagate this, because of the optimism the focusing semblance provides.

While the focusing semblance can assist us work toward a goal, wisdom assists separate the world from the fantasy. Life undergoes learn us that external military units (people, states of affairs and stuff things) cannot "make" us happy or unhappy. Blaming others for our sadness or depending on others to supply felicity only functions to estrange everyone stopping point to us. In fact, by believing this we are giving away our personal powerfulness of ego finding and our pick to be happy.

The moral of this story?

The focusing semblance functions to actuate people in many ways. It lends to our ability to daydream and stay optimistic in the human face of adversity. Dreams thrust us forward and give us the powerfulness to do our lives magnificent.

To set it in another way: it's not the dreamings or desires themselves that do us happy. It's the achievements and connexions that come up with pursuing them with honestness and unity that is the true root of our happiness.

It's the procedure of getting there.


Staying happier for longer. By Professor St Martin Seligman.

Survey Shows "Grass is Greener" Position Usually False

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Food for the Spiders - Blogging for the Search Engines Part I

Blogging for hunt engine acknowledgment can convey traffic to your blog pages and chief web site. You are actually optimizing your blog so that hunt engines can rank it in the higher echelon. Blogs are usually ranked by hunt engines favorably. There's no concrete survey yet on this but there are many person factors that lend to a higher page rank of blogs. These factors are all criterion web publication undertakings which have got been practiced by many webmasters and bloggers.

You can utilize your blog to complement your concern web site. Updating and making alterations to a web land site is a boring process. It affects cognition in web scheduling and designing which is a very hard and clip consuming process.

You will then have got to manually upload your data files to a waiter or usage data file transportation communications protocol programmes to make it. This also necessitates tons of time. And you make these dorsum breakage undertakings just to upload a few articles, a news announcement, or alterations in some of your products.

That is why a web land site stays unchanged for hebdomads or even months. And that is not good for your hunt engine ranking. It's also not advantageous if you desire a changeless flowing of monolithic traffic to your site.

Blogging can work out this dilemma. You can turn to the demand to update your land site and supply fresh, up to day of the month table of contents frequently. The tools provided by blog hosts are very easy to use. Updating and uploading table of contents of your blog is as easy as sending an electronic mail to a friend.

And this dynamical content direction delivered and updated almost day-to-day is favored well by hunt engines. These hunt companies, especially Yokel and MSN, based their commanding on the public utility of page content and the ability to present updated information regularly.

Page acknowledgment by these hunt engines depend largely on content and its generation. So you can utilize frequent blogging activities to derive acknowledgment from these two hunt engines.

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